Famous Spitzkoppe mountain range

It did not take me long to get inspired for this introduction back into the wild.

I went through my phones photo gallery and had a glorious run down memory lane….

We in Namibia are in the privileged position to start venturing back into the bush veld.

As for our neighbours and the overseas camp enthusiast, sorry guys, you will have to keep dreaming and drooling for a little while longer… L

One of the most peaceful and adventurous  camp site’s between Windhoek and Swakopmund, is the Spitzkoppe Community Rest Camp.

The camp sites are situated all around the foot of the famous Spitzkoppe mountain range, with the most beautiful boulders and secret caves.

This setting allows the visitor to camp in complete peace and tranquillity, with the next camping site kilometers away.

This gives the feeling of being completely isolated, and with the sun setting behind the rocks as an excellent photo opportunity, as the landscape continuously changes with the shades and colours as the sun disappears behind the Spitzkoppe.

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